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Such a drastic contrast between the people I’m surrounded by now and the people I’ll be surrounded by in two months. People can say what they want; I’m good.  I have the ability to be happy for others and their accomplishments, because I’m happy for my own accomplishments. I have the ability to respect others, because I’ve always respected myself. I have the ability to grow, because I’m willing to learn. When does one grow out of being disrespectful? When does one outgrow that “high school mentality?” When does one wake up? I’ve cut off, and am still cutting off, the people who don’t understand it all; the people who can’t see the big picture. I was always the different one, but I always liked the ring of that title. I always thought differently; I always dressed differently; I never wanted to fit in, because I knew that fitting in wouldn’t bring light to what I have to offer to the world. But it’s all good. I work hard and do things that others aren’t willing to do, simply because I know that, in due time, I’ll be at places that others won’t be at. Trust me on that one. I’m blessed that I’ve been given a plethora of opportunities to grow and develop. I’m good. Be blessed; don’t be bitter. Positive outputs equal positive inputs. Always remember that.